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The stories our clients tell form the fabric of a legacy that binds generations. The care and craftsmanship we pour into your archival-quality book project ensures those values will endure to guide your heirs.

Books Are Timeless

Our highly successful clients often share with us the same hope: that their legacy benefit future generations as both a thoughtful compass and a material wind supporting their heirs’ endeavors. And they carry similar concerns that this legacy not dull or impede the passion and drive of their descendants.

Take action to effect these outcomes by recording your story during your lifetime - the challenges, the celebrations, and the grit that bound it all. Be there to breathe life into these stories, rather than relating through faded references.

Exceptional Stories Deserve Exceptional Writers

A captivating narrative imbues future generations with a deep-seeded emotional attachment to the lessons and values of your family's history. Our engaged interview sessions elicit the most impactful memories from our gregarious and more reticent clients alike. Our thoughtful writing approach transforms those recollections into a rich family manuscript to inspire generations of readers to come.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Photos spark the imagination of readers and create a vivid connection to the past. We help our clients to curate a vibrant collection of visual materials to weave into their book projects, including photo enhancement services. Our families frequently comment on the intense healing and restorative benefits of this nostalgic step in the process.

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