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There is great importance to a life well lived. Your hard earned experiences, values, and monetary wealth are the legacy you pass to future generations. Bind These Words offers clients a tangible vehicle with which to preserve this legacy for its highest aim: to empower family leaders in generations to come.

How do you direct your legacy to purposefully benefit future generations, but not impede their passion and drive? By taking action to record your story during your lifetime - the challenges, the celebrations, and the grit that bound it all - rather than relating through fading references.

Who Will Tell Your Story?
You Will.
Teach Them It Wasn't Always This Easy.

Educate future generations that it wasn't always this easy in order to develop responsible wealth stewards with a sense of meaning behind their inheritance. Simultaneously, open the lines of intergenerational communication to compliment the technical language of trust and estate documents and avoid misunderstandings.

Honor Your Parents, Strengthen Your Children.

Celebrate with your parents their sacrifices and contributions. Moreover, children who are rooted in their family's history display greater internal fortitude when faced with adversity; nurture future generations by making family history an active component of your familial dynamic.

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